Put a smile on a kid's face today :)

What's the story? All the artsy projects I produce are free. It's just my hobby and I love making creative stuff. I guess I felt like I don't already sit enough in front of a computer by programming machine learning codes and searching for life on other planets... So whenever I'm not traveling, hiking, scuba diving, or climbing, I make (digital) art! 

Why children's charities? Now, I've worked a lot with children's and environmental charities in the past. Be it in bridge programs for high schoolers in underrepresented areas with the Brilliant Club charity in the UK, or with the marine conservation and children's charity Love the Ocean in Mozambique. That inspired me so much... 

Why you? Well, I thought to myself: "Hey, if you (yes, you!) like some of the projects you see here - maybe you would like to share that joy with someone else, too?"

Example 1: You just played eXo online or via print-and-play, and thought "Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought." You're so inspired that you click the Love The Oceans button below, just to see what they are up to. And immediately you will be so impressed that you help them build a new classroom!

Example 2: You downloaded and read Grünbaum to your nieces last night, and they fell asleep as fast as never before because of how boring it is. Maybe you will feel like "Oh thank gosh, I have the evening to myself... Hey,  Love The Oceans works with awesome kids who might also enjoy having some new crayons and coloring books! Let's check it out!"

Results: I bet you will put a big smile on their faces :)

ps: Love The Oceans do a lot of work in addition to their support of children: they're building and painting new classrooms, organizing swimming lessons, teaching about marine conservation, and even more, they're also doing hands-on scientific research on coral reef preservation, whale and shark migrations, and much, much more. Check them out!