Say hello to: eXo 👽⁠

Do you like board games? Like, ones about science-fantastic space exploration, discovery, and backstabby humor? This one's for 1-6 players aged 12+ who have circa 90 minutes of their busy life to spare.⁠

Six weird alien factions are exploring space, searching for new exoplanets, resources, and technologies. As an alien leader, what is your goal? ⁠Unveil other worlds' secrets? Access the newest gimmicks? ⁠Ever-lasting glory and unconditional love of alien-meeples? Or simply see the universe burn?⁠

eXo finished beta testing and is now close to the finish line. Follow #exotabletop on Instagram, Twitter, and all that stuff young people use nowadays, where I post new artwork (with wonderful line art by Jutta Günther). The final version will be free online and as print-and-play.

eXo raises awareness for the fantastic charity Love the Oceans (and hopefully some donations!), who I've worked with in the past. More about them under Children's Charities.

If you like eXo, we might even produce a physical version some day. Exciting times ahead!