Grünbaum 🌳

Get Chapter I and II (IN German) for free; just drop me an email

Do you like interactive fairy-tale children's books?  Like, ones inspired by fantasy, RPG, and DnD themes? I'm writing and designing one!⁠ With wonderful line art by Jutta Günther.⁠ 

Three brave heroines (inspired by my wonderful nieces, #girlpower) have to solve the threat of a rapidly changing climate in the kingdom of Grünbaum. For that, they travel through the Icy Mountains, the Fiery Desert, the Stormy Sea, and the Enchanted Forrest, to find a Druid who might know the answer...⁠

Download chapters I and II (in German) for free by clicking on the image. You can enjoy it on your tablet or even print it at your friendly neighborhood photo book shop. You can also follow #grünbaum on Instagram for updates! English and Spanish versions will follow, and we will release the next chapters as individual short books over the coming months.

Grünbaum likes to raise awareness (and maybe even some donations) for the fantastic Love the Oceans charity, which hugely reshapes marine conservation and children's education in rural Mozambique (I know it first-hand, I volunteered with them). 

If you like Grünbaum, we might even put it into print one day, who knows!